Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Foundation repair

With a 109 year old house there are some big issues to tackle and the foundation is one of them. We got an estimate from some good old boys in town, tried to get more but a couple guys never showed up. Then I got on the computer and house a highly rated company out of Memphis. The difference is night and day and the price point is just about the same. We are now scheduled to get the house jacked up so to speak in June. I'm so pleased that is scheduled. Now I need to get the plumber and the electrician out there and we'll be ready to rock and roll. Oh the surveyor too - need to get started on the fence.

I just can't wait to tackle this area. I'm in move mode at the moment and eager to get into garden mode. I might just clean it up and mulch it for the time being. I'm not certain how much sun it's going to get with that magnolia there. On the garage Ray is going to build a trellis and he want to doctor up the doors a bit. We saw this at HD for a quick fix.

Has anyone used these on your garage doors?
I need a nap. Didn't get my 12,000 steps in today.

Monday after the storm

The state of Arkansas was rolled through by tornadoes last night. It's devastating to see it unfold on the news. We are so thankful they missed us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, suffered injuries and had property destroyed in last night's severe storms and tornadoes in central Arkansas. 

I took 3 truck loads over to the house yesterday. It is so great to unload this one. I think perhaps we have TOO much stuff, wait, that just can't be right.

Yesterday afternoon I took Oscar and Daisy over for a visit. Ray joined us and we took a walk around neighborhood. When we headed home, the dogs and I, there was a critter in the middle on the road right past the house. I could tell it wasn't a cat AND Oscar was in serious patrol mode. I was talking to my cousin, Lee Ann, so I didn't a picture quick enough - it was a RACCOON!!! I kid you not. A BIG one! Went right down into the sewer line. I was amazed and Oscar was EAGER to chase!

All this moving around is good. I've gotten almost 12,000 steps a day since Saturday. I'm a Google girl and use Noom Walk. I LOVE to out step Ray and Cody. I don't think I would ever out step LM. 

I've decided to make this area right behind the garage a garden. Going to move that Abelia ( had to go and find my Howard Garrett Plant's for Texas book to remind me of the name) somewhere. There are many options, and make this a new garden. I'm thinking trellis, a few Zephirine Drouhin climbing roses from the Antique Rose Emporium, and then vegetable and herb garden mixed in the fray, with stones surrounding it. That is the zero-turn lawn mower garage. Very clever. Don't know if I would have thought of that!

1st Purchase today, 3 trips to Home Depot and 1 to Lowe's

I don't have a firm handle on this blog business yet. It will not let me put this picture on the bottom.
These are the new Kimberly Ferns and pots
It's late Sunday night. There are storms and tornados all around us. Today was a good day. Made our first purchase for Haven House. We were unloading the truck in the garage, still thrilled to even have a garage, and Ray decided he would like ceiling fans in the garage. After figuring out how to resent the garage door openers, thank you YouTube, we headed to Home Depot.
Today was a 3 trip day to HD, one to Lowe's, and at 5:55 p.m. RAN into Sam's Club, woo-wee they weren't happy with me (close at 6). I left promptly at 6. I was on a mission for pots for the Kimberly ferns I had bought earlier at Home Depot with Daisy Belle. 

Mama called this a photo op. She said I cooperate 'bout as much as my big brothers when it comes to picture taken.

Today after our first purchase was our first road block. Ray went to install the new ceiling fan and the electric box (not certain that is correct lingo, didn’t think I should call it an electric thingie) wasn’t standard as in it was tiny. Ray, that handy soul, fixed it right up after a few choice words and mumbling about 109 year old houses. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Days are here again!!! We got keys last night!

It has been a very exciting couple days. Last night we unexpectedly got the keys to the house, the previous owner moved out early, YEAH! AND she had the lawn mowed for us, YEAH! YEAH!

Our sweetheart real estate agent, Connie Lindemann, had the sweetest gift waiting for us when we arrived. It was just a great night. The house, our new home, just feels SO right! We walked around, room to room, making our plans, changing our plans, anyone who knows me well knows I went around opening all the blinds so it was full of light this morning when we walked in. I love window treatments but I want them all open.

I was so wound up last night I hardly slept a wink, literally. We were up fairly early loading up the truck. It was a very Beverly Hillbillies moment - four of them actually. We need a bigger truck. Still it all worked. We left our movers at home to hold down the fort.

We only went to Home Depot once today which is just odd. Normally on days like today it's at least a HD and Lowes trip. Very thankful for a quick Sonic breakfast. Back and forth between the houses several times. Got everything unloaded and put up. You just can't understand how much we are appreciating having a garage again. It just makes me smile to pull into that garage.

Ray is a GRUMPY bear after working all day. After our three trips this morning we came home and pulled weeds - Creeping Charlie. He sucks, I'm just sayin. I had to get cleaned up for a neighbor's daughter's baby shower - he didn't recognize me with hair, makeup, and real clothes on. How sad is that? Tshirt and tennis skirt is my uniform.

Ray and I took the dogs to Haven House this evening to introduce them to their new home, and drop off our 4th load. They were very eager to check things out. There are squirrels and cats just everywhere. Oscar might have the big one. Just not certain he can handle all this excitement!

This is the delightful gifts Connie left for us last night!

Hillbilly Central - trip one

Still haven't figured out how Connie did these pictures of the house. So far she hasn't shared. 
Not to worry I'll wear her down. 
 I added the ferns. Need to find some Kelli approved hanging baskets. 
 2nd load.
 Our movers. Just SO much help!
I didn't take a picture of the third and forth trip. It's been a very productive day. 

So, not certain where to start. There is A LOT to do. The kitchen is just killing me. The heart of the house needs a new heart. There are so many big projects to do that have to be done. Foundation, plumbing, tons of mortar work, electricity. The kitchen has to be done but can I live with it for a year? I thought yes and after being over there and opening all the drawers I'm thinking absoluting no way. 

 How appropriate is a garden spade for a door knocker for me? 
 This is a table our dear Linda gave me years ago. 
It's been all over with us and now it graces our front door. 
This are pictures of what we are calling the bar in the family room. We are removing the uppers and having new ones made that go to the ceiling. The below pic - replacing standard sink with bar/prep sink, faucet too, light that you can't see. Sink cabinet will most likely need to be replaced. We are going to make the L shape bar to a U shape and it's going to be tight but it should work. Need to get it on paper.
That's all for now. I easily had over 10,000 steps today. Wahoo! I have more pictures. Somewhere...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Covey Garden Spring 2014

Very happy pink thrift
Valentine rose getting ready to pop right behind it

My red ruffles look pink don't they? That's May Night, the purple spikey blooms, right behind the center azaleas. 

Coreopsis Goldfink with
Walker's Low catmint to the right and Red Ruffles Azalea in the back. 

Lovely pot of pansies in wonderful basket looking cement planter
that we picked up a few weeks ago at an estate sale

Kousa Dogwood

Coral honeysuckle and I can't remember the name of this azelea...

Coreopsis grandiflora Goldfink

Butter Daisy, Tickseed

- See more at: http://www.bluestoneperennials.com/COGO.html?id=UJkZigHj#sthash.jyRRcGOm.dpuf

The viney looking thing is a lovely weed that hasn't met its fate yet

Very last bloom of one of our viburnums

Hodgepodge of azaleas, mom's favorite fern, it's glorious when it gets going,
and that's a coral honeysuckle growing up the tree

We did it

We closed on our new 109 year old house yesterday. Our lovely old home on two acres right in the middle of downtown. It was very exciting. I was scattered all day with excitement. Can't tell you how many times I lost my keys...Did survive the excitement. Went through the walkthrough in the morning. We hadn't been in the house in over a month so I was eager to get in there. It was as wonderful as I remembered, well wonderful and horrible all at once. There is MUCH to do. I think it's safe there's not one thing that doesn't need to be fixed or painted or just completely demoed. There is wallpaper everywhere and there are no words to describe just how bad it is. As my dear friend Lizette pointed out: at least it's not on the ceiling too. I've seen that in the NE, it was frightening. We have a bet going on how many layers we have to take down and just how long it takes us to get it down. I believe there is a wallpaper steamer in my future.

Funny thing is, I'm not feeling any remorse, very eager to get in there and plan, plan, plan and then to demo, demo, demo. I think it's safe to say Ray is just a tad concerned about the yard work and I'm all excited about it. I've been planning and doing research for this project for months so when Ray sent up an excel file for me to list to dos by room I flew through it. I have a 30 page powerpoint file that has been my source of every thought so I wouldn't forget anything. Between Pinterest and Houzz we are ready to go! 

With our Colleyville house, which was a delightful Southern Living Idea House plan, planning the beach house, and the inside and outside renovation of this house, we have discovered we love to renovate and planning every little detail. We seek good functional and practical design and with those words, as long as it's practical and functional, I get the nod from Ray. 

Our New Old House - Haven House

Always wanted a porch swing.
Never imagined we would have a porch let
alone a wrap around porch. 

Our lovely view from the front porch

So eager to drive in and stay. We will start moving in on Monday. Thrilled and delighted!

Have you ever seen anything so charming...