Thursday, June 5, 2014

OH MY STARS!!! Spring Storm hit NE Arkansas!

We all knew it was coming. It got eerily dark. I'm home alone with all the 4 legged children, Oscar, Buck, and Daisy Belle who, despite the sirens going off, didn't think it was necessary to seek shelter. So soon as sirens stopped we went out to investigate. Lots of little branches down, nothing big over here. Then we lost power, hmm, didn't expect that. Then I got hot. That was expected, LOL. Everything settled down so I headed over to Haven.

That was tricky. Street lights weren't working, big limbs down all over the place. Got to Haven, WOW! Immediately noticed a new open spot that wasn't there yesterday. That's not good.

Right in front of house. Not a good sign. 

Big empty spot now. Wonder what I'll put there now???

Big tree on south side down. SO sad. 

Pecan tree in very green pool. Have I mentioned that nothing on the pool works???