Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's like I'm living in the DARK ages!

Hello all, so I'm just working on the blog, full of info. Have been working on it for HOURS. 

Unlike all the other lovely Google apps 
DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY SAVE!!! Image result for gasp smiley

Won't be as chatty, quit smiling.

We were going to do bar then master bath. Plumber reminded me must finish above before we do below. So now focusing on master bath.

Have the tile picked out. It's Marmol Polished Venatino Mediterranea. Going to do the floor in a basket weave pattern and the shower will be the 18" square. So pleased with this tile. Once that got settled I headed over to the granite yard and picked out the countertop. Was trying to find some remants. Nothing that I liked. Then headed inside and was looking at some Cambria and one jumped out at me. Praa Sands. Seriously LOVE it.


Once this got taken care of  I headed over to the glass shop for the shower door/wall. Since there is going to be a steamer I wanted to ensure the steam won't escape. This is the plan. 

I've talked to our glass guy and he's certain he can deliver this. Will do in chrome and I'll be very happy when it gets installed. We picked out the shower faucets ages ago. Went with Brizo Charlotte. The sink faucets will be this: 
I really want a single hole. The sink will be a medium size - 19" wide going in a 22" cabinet. We like the porcelain levers. I really wanted cross handles but at our advanced age, Image result for frustrated smiley face, levers are more practical, seriously. 

Our heated towel rack is getting an upgrade. We put one in at Covey and used it all the time. Mostly for drying clothes and it's been missed. Haven't ordered it yet but I'm about certain this is the one: 

Myson EECOSH126 CLASSIC COMFORT Hardwired Mounted Towel Warmer - 25"w x 54"h -
It's the Myson 25"x54" and 400 watt. Almost quadruple the heat of our other one. This one will keep us toasty in the winter and dry clothes in no time at all. 

Here is a rough diagram of the back wall: 

One thing that I wish I could have a do over is the window. Really wish I had stuck with my original plan which was a window over the middle vanity. I do like the window but it's really low - so low the mirrors over sinks will literally have to be hung a little over them.

I'm certain I'm forgetting something.....anyway you look at it I'm so delighted to get this done. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Projects

Good Morning, here's our schedule for our next projects.

Ray's bar. We need to get it done so we can move on to our mini-kitchen remodel. In the mist of that we need to finish the powder room, waiting on the plumber, and then moving on to our master bath and closet. One thing I've noticed with all of our contractors, they do not bill promptly and by the time they do they don't remember exactly what they did. Lots of room for errors with billing like that.

Ray's bar. It's a great space. We're going to have cabinet maker do the L and the front of the bar they guys are going to do. We have A LOT of true 2x4 cypress that we took down turning the demo that of course we kept. Ray is planning on using it and it will hopefully look something like this:

        VERY rustic is the theme. 

The guys are very excited about the top. Between Cody and Rocky we have lots of beer caps and this is what they are going to be used for:
bar top.JPG

I doodled the general layout. We're literally going bar hopping today to measure the overhang. We want to make certain our big and tall guys have plenty of leg room. We think a 15" overhang will be plenty. Frankly I'm hoping 12" will be plenty. We had thought 24" for the total bar (the front piece and including the cabinet behind it) would work but now it's looking more like 30".

Overview of the bar. 
The wall on the right in front of the fridge is going to have a recessed TV since it would be WRONG to turn the bar stools around to see the huge tv. 
Also the bartender needs to be able to see what's going on. 
Ray is really having fun with this. 

Back wall

This is going to be a great space. Will have a 24" cooktop, either 18" or 24" dishwasher, whichever fits the best, ice maker, sink, fridge, and loads of storage. The house is on pier and beam and that is amazingly handy. Moving the plumbing around isn't quite the issue that it is in a slab. That is a wonderful thing!

This is the faucet Ray picked out.

Kohler K-99268The fridge we picked out is great for this space. I think the best description would be and apartment fridge. It's 5.5' tall and I think 24" square. Half is fridge and the other half freezer. Most importantly is truly counter depth. 

Blomberg BRFB1042X 10.6 cu. ft. Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 2 Adjustable Shelves, 3 Freezer Drawers, Dual Evaporators and White LED Lighting:  
It's COLD here!! Hope it's nicer where you are.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Craigslist Scores & Delightful Antiquing

Most of you know we just scored BIG on Craigslist. The big one is for Bess for when we entertain and certainly for the wedding.

I think this one will go in the front on the hickory tree, haven't named that one yet, which will be in the ceremony area and reception area. Might even put it in the front room. I love wrought iron.

So even before we bought the house I found this. Ended up using it in the guest bathroom. We are very pleased with how it turned out. Found a large slab of marble in Memphis. That makes me happy.

Hands down and the vast majority of these treasures came from 49 South. I check in with them frequently. Never know what they have that we might NEED. 

This hall tree came from Hardy. There is a jewel of an antique dealer there. I buzzed up to see it and they delivered it that afternoon. Very good service. 

 I found this rocker and the round table and yes, that's real marble, YIPPEE, for a SONG! It was like they gave it to me. In all fairness, they didn't know it was real marble. I didn't either until the guys at 49 South turned the top over. Then we knew. Exciting.

This little sewing chest is going to be our powder room's vanity. That should be done sooner than later. 

Found this little lowboy at 49 South too. I found a perfect spot for it. 

  I remember my grandma in Georgia had a sofa on her front porch. Left a memory. 

 Found this bachelor chest and thought it was perfect to go in the ladies bathroom. 
Very pleased. 
Also, until we get the master bath done, I've been using this bathroom and this chest hold a lot of girlie stuff. 

 49 South put this on their FB page. I went to check it out. I knew it would be perfect but since I already had a table in this spot I thought I would procrastinate a while. 
Was still available a few weeks later and it followed me home. 
We're thinking this is a perfect spot for the wedding cake. 
I know it's a perfect spot for a glass of sweet tea or perhaps a Mexican martini. 

Was so excited to find this. Wasn't exactly certain what we were going to do with it and found the perfect spot AND the perfect task for it. 
It's ideal for feeding the 4 legged children. Holds all their treats and it's off the beaten path. 

Three postings in one day. It's a record. 
Stay warm this weekend. It's going to be chilly and nasty here. 

Barn & Fence

We did get the barn installed last year and the fence moved around. We are delighted with both. Ray and Cody have been very busy organizing the barn. It was very chaotic. It's getting better all the time. We're seeing light in the end of the tunnel in the garage too. All very exciting. 
 Just the beginning. It's 24x30. Seems huge until we moved all our stuff in there....
If you look very close you will see hubby up top trimming tree limbs. 

The finished the barn, YAY!!!

Then the guys took out MANY Privets, 
which in my opinion should NEVER be sold, rooted, moved, or planted, NEVER. 

Many privets GONE many more to go....

New fence - delighted!
 This is the fence that was around the pool
 New brick pillars and new wrought iron fencing
 We are SO pleased with the barn, fence, and thrilled to have a sprinkler system now too. 

The tree next to the barn is Bess. 
I called it Big Daddy, but Ray has claimed that nick name, I know, I'm laughing too.

With the fence going down a slope we got creative. We had this very heavy hose. 
Cody cut pieces to the correct length to extend the fence. Very clever. 
No issues and it looks like it's all one piece. 

So eager for SPRING!!!! Cody put in beds on either side of the pillars. It's going to be SO lovely. 

2015 - What a year!

Happy New Year everyone. I have most of our Christmas put up. We still have the garland that I made from hollies and boxwoods from the yard up. I need to have the one by the cellar up so if the lights go off we know the sump pump isn't working in the cellar and we need to go and check out the breaker. That is my life.

2015 was a great year. We are all now living at Haven. Very exciting. We have so much more space, of course it's full of things we won't get rid of, because, you know we might need it. During all the demo we saved all the doors, all the true cypress 2x4s, most all the baseboards. We desperately needed someplace other than the attic and garage to store all this stuff: had the barn put in this summer. It's great. Going to have at least a powder room more possibility a 3/4 - so shower, sink, and toilet. Excellent place for the guys and anybody wet from the pool.

About the same time we put in the barn we finally moved the fence off the immediate pool area and spread it around. Reused the beautiful old rod iron fence and added some just barn fencing around the rest of the property. You know how people say you need to live at the house for at least six months before you start making big changes? I have found over the years that couldn't be more true. Last spring Cody and I were out walking around with the dogs and they loved playing ALL OVER THE place, not just right behind the house so we moved the fence line over at least 30 additional feet. It just feels and looks exactly like we wanted it. I can safely say the dogs love it. The fence line isn't too far off the sidewalk and they have made very many buddies.

Inside we got all the demo done. One thing that completely thrilled me was finally getting rid of the dumpster. As happy as we were to get it I was delighted to get it gone. Was sort of funny. I canceled pickup 3 or 4 times - I was scared to death to get rid of it. We have creatively survived it being gone.

We are delighted with all the windows we had installed. The one window I don't know if I would do again is the master bath window. Since we don't have that space done it, it's hard to say but I think it's going to be very hard to work around.

I just looked back at my pictures for the last year and it's mind boggling what all we've gotten done the last year.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Windows - SO exciting!

Hello All, today is June 19.We’re having a lovely steady rain - the leftovers of Bill which I’m very grateful for. I just don’t learn - we moved some trees a few weeks ago and boy are they irritated with us!

I tweaked my back on Tuesday - I was vacuuming, and moved to one side and bam. Most uncomfortable. Taking it easy which is giving me some time to catch up on the neglected blog.

Windows. I can safely say I have NO words of wisdom on them. Also can say that I much prefer Ray and Cody doing the work - which there is far too much of - than paying someone because you expect it to be done right and I feel like I can safely say that is FAR too high of an expectation.

So here we go. Everytime I try to save a dime it costs a quarter or more. We decided to order the windows in shifts. We were going to do two orders which ended up being a bad decision. The installer wanted to do them all at once which we didn’t know since when we ordered the first batch we didn’t actually have an installer. We got them all ordered, delivered, and installer ready to go. Since it’s a 110 year old house there are many quirks one of which is in the original part of the house the windows are very high on the wall immediately under the …. can’t remember the name. Anyway, think victorian house, tall windows. So Ray and I are trying to figure out exactly where to place the study window. It was in a very odd spot on the wall - over 1 ½’ down from the ceiling. We were going from room to room. Made decision and let installer know. Ray and I go on our merry way. BBBIIIGGG mistake. Jeff the installer comes and finds me downstairs and wants to double check the placement - we go and look outside and I ask him why Lee’s bedroom window is GONE. They took out the wrong widow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you notice how I didn’t say fricken window or anything like that? I’m so proud.

Issue - one thing we have noticed is the contractors DO NOT PICK up after themselves. We don’t remember this being an issue with the Covey reno. Ray was always around when workers were here and of course we did so much work ourselves AND Haven is at least double the work, probably triple. Still, so much room for improvement.

That little window on the top left is the study window that we replaced.

This is the window that didn’t need to be replaced.
The one under it was the one that was suppose to be replaced.

This is the area in the new dining room - two windows came out and we put in three.

This is Jeff installing the new kitchen window.
When we look at it it looks crooked - window is level - house is not.


Cody and Ray took out the bar window - they took out the right window.
The first window on left is in closet,
next new window in Gentleman’s Bath
next Laundry room
followed by Ladies Bath
next one is part of “new construction 1999” was in
bedroom that we took out and new is in gallery
The two windows below are what is now the dining room which we have replaced with 3.
The north door will be taken out in the fall (2015) with an 8’ door - can not wait!

New and improved:

I forgot to mention about the new master window.
All excited but of course it’s not quite right. It’s very hard to plan it exactly right.
It will work - wish I had a do over - and I’m talking a few inches.

I can’t wait to build a picket fence around the HVAC units and the pool equipment.

I really wish I had before pics prior to 1999.
We know the downstairs bedroom was added in the late 50’s.
We know the upstairs was added in 1999.
Anyway, notice the new study window -
HUGE improvement along with the new kitchen window that you can barely see.

Very soon this fence will be moved. Yippee!
Hopefully Steve gets the fireplace up and running.

That is a whole different kettle of worms for a later date.