Monday, June 2, 2014

Whole new kitchen

We knew taking down the hanging cabinet would be a big difference but oh my, what a difference. Taking down the uppers opposite of peninsula also game changer. Reinforces that I want a much larger window in there. Ray agrees. He is brilliant! So thankful Cody is here to be his daddy's right hand man, so much better than it being me!

I'm almost positive we will do the kitchen last. I know my hubby well and he is very budget conscious but I know he'll let me do my dream kitchen - smartly. I think we'll have our very excellent dry wall guy out to fix this up. Susan and I will pick out a paint color, the guys can pop up some open shelves and we'll be ready to rock and roll. Before long that step up shelf will be counter height and then I think everything will be more efficient and look even bigger.
I'm so thrilled about this!

Cody and granddog Buck.