Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

So far it's been a very hectic week over at Haven House. The plumbers have been here which you would think would be a good think but I pretty much want to ring their necks. Have the HVAC guys here now. Cody got emergency call: get over here quick to take down wall. He was not pleased. However, he was here promptly, he knows when his mamma's head is getting ready to spin off. His daddy got a call to get over to Haven right away, and I had to go to the plumbing supply house to get test plugs for the plumbers so we can have plumbing inspected. Saw Ray leaving and he's just so pleased that my head is not spinning off because of him.

I still haven't ordered any windows and it's going to slow us down from completing the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room. It's so confusing - replace, don't replace. From the old house sites, can't replace beautiful old windows. You will never be able to match what is there. Well I get that. We are replacing. We are taking out, saving for something, moving several inches one way or another and either getting much larger or just a tad smaller.  I did get a lesson on windows from an acquaintance. It was very helpful EXCEPT, I consider this a farmhouse, and I it's actually a Victorian farmhouse. Hmmm, so I start researching Victorian windows, fireplaces, STOP.

Hmmm, a whole new world of mischief for me to get in to. Ray walked in on my the other night and he could tell I was all excited....I told him a found a new website and "it's going to be a problem." He said "get out of it quick" TOO LATE. I saw, I want, and now I NEED! We will do coal instead of logs, gasping with excitement!!!! AND it will warm the whole downstairs! It says so. Will get one for my little craft room too to warm the whole upstairs of course.

Since I just really don't want to deal with that for the moment, I realized that I DO need to replace the outside light fixtures sooner than later, and well, wouldn't copper gas lights just be lovely? Only need 5 of them. Not really breaking the bank there given the ambiance that they will add. However, haven't actually mentioned any of this to Ray, don't need his head spinning off just yet. Did run it by Cody who thinks it's a great idea, but "Mom, is it really necessary?" He is SO his father's son. Yes, it's necessary or I wouldn't have thought of it, geez! Ran it past the plumber who I'm having a love/hate relationship with at the moment. Thought his head would spin off, but it didn't. It's really not a big deal. Now can't decide - copper or black? It's a farmhouse....still, we are going to do a copper awning over the "new back door" entrance. I'm thinking copper - input please. The house is white and is remaining that way.

SH-2001 Single House Wall Mount with optional Top Loop

Since I'm at Haven all the time, I literally don't have one Christmas decoration up. Not one. Do think about it so maybe that counts. I sit in Ray's mancave. It's actually sort of set-up. Sofa, chairs, dining table. So, I'm looking at this one shade darker than baby-blue paint, which I'm we are all past the point truly disliking, thinking "I should go ahead and paint this." One thing checked off. How exciting. I look and look, plan and plan, don't really want to reuse a color from the past and if I did I think it would have been Tyler Taupe. Did have it mixed up here at Home Depot since we don't have a BM store anymore, sad face. I know the color they mixed up isn't right. So my girlfriend had them redo it (months ago). Still haven't checked it. However, have gotten on the bandwagon of mancave=DARK paint. It's full of windows with SW exposure so oddles of light. So called Susan, my dear friend, and partner in crime when it comes to paint. I say to her "thinking navy" she says "Hale Navy." So I run down to Ace, maybe they mix up paint better, and get one qt of flat Hale Navy, new paint brush, because, seriously, who knows where ours are. Choosing that took time. Stiff or medium stiff. Seriously, that's what was on the package. Okay, now I'm out of control. Anyway, of course I went with stiff. Will have to let you know how it works. It's the professional brush. Gotta stop....Then I come over here and realize, I can't paint, I don't have any fricken water, STILL!!!

Image result for hale navy             BM HC-154 Hale Navy, looks sort of purple, great....Actually looks good on the can and I would show you but guess where it is. Yes, at Covey....

Oh, and aren't you just so tickled I'm keeping you all up-to-date on our wonderful 1905 Victorian Farmhouse....

The master bath. Plan was ok. Wasn't crazy about the corner shower. Did have Ray and Cody mark out and put down 2x4s so the plumbers would know exactly where to put everything. Yesterday plumber looked at it and is all doom and gloom. GEEZ. Literally he said we would have to gut RAy's bar, and put in fir downs. WE are SO not doing anymore fir downs! So I came up with what we both think is a far better plan. Ran it by the plumber and he thinks will work. Now I have to get on the same page with him for the steam shower. Nothing is EVER easy! I do really like this plan - so does Ray. The toilet moving of the toilet to other side of room was the plumbing issue. Now we are just moving a few feet. The guys have to take up the floor and keep your fingers crossed - might just work. So the ARM is Ray's armoire. Then my wonderful hair and makeup vanity, then my sink vanity, wall, then toilet and shelves with a big widow across the top. I really love it. Ray's vanity is on the opposite side. Will have one glass wall on shower and now will be able to do center tile work. Score!

This is my inspiration for toilet area. Just love it. Thanks Kohler

Like I said, the HVAC guys are here moving pipes and such so we can get some structural beams put in. Someday.....