Thursday, December 11, 2014

My world has been rocked - Toto Washlet - OH MY!

Busy day - met the HVAC guy at Haven at 8 then went to check out windows - it's 5:30 in the evening and I haven't gotten quote yet - not taking that as a good sign. I finally gave in and went to check out Marvin - their mid-line windows. Let's just hope they don't break the bank and I can get them ordered. Good news is as long as they are standard size windows will get in two weeks and we only do standard - no custom anything - not in the budget.

I was there a while then ran over to Gilmore custom cabinet shop and was about to pop so used their facilities and those dirty dogs had this in their bathroom! A Toto Washlet!!! The seat was warm, toasty actually. All I can say is we should all have one - going to take Ray into use - I kid you not! It's a game changer. I feel certain we need one in our master bath AND guest bath - one one each floor.
Toto Washlet S300
I laughed when I first saw the Toto Washlet S300 toilet at a house warming party for some close friends of mine.
I couldn’t imagine anyone who would want to have a high tech toilet with a control panel that looked like a universal remote:
Toto Washlet S 300 Remote
By the way the cabinet plan is just amazing! As is their pricing. Nevertheless, getting the most important room of the house done and not have to be in charge of it would really simplify our lives. Do have our list done on what all we need to do to get ready. Won't be anytime soon. We have to get our structural work done, need to take up the tile in the kitchen and need to get structural columns, really only one column is structural, the other one is to balance it out. I can't remember if I have shared this with you but just to remind you this is our goal:

You can't see it on the page but there is a column in the front too - it's one of the two that is helping hold the house up.
This is the island which is jammed pack with appliances which is great but not much storage except under the sink and under microwave. We have forgotten about the drawer frig so we've already shuffled plan, starting a the left - microwave, then fridge drawers, ice maker, sink. We are going to make the depth deeper on the end cabinet, add drawers and cabinets - no glass. There are full cabinets on the other side under the bar but it's not for everyday storage. 

Also, want to share the unbelievable deals I've gotten off of Amazon lately. 

Need 3 shower heads for the bathrooms we are working on and I was trying to cut corners a bit on these. Ferguson's has quoted around $179ish, I got it down to $100ish, then found another one for $60ish. Hopped on Amazon just to see what they had and check out the deal that I found. They had them under the USED which means someone returned to Amazon - I got them for $58 each!!! SCORE
Delta 58045
Then last night I thought I would check out some lighting are REALLY made out like a bandit! Was $78 on Amazon and from Warehouse deals got 2 for $25. 74!!! Each. Think it will go great with our mirror: 


That's all for now. Hope you are having a great evening and staying warm.