Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today was very productive. The guys took down the cabinet over the peninsula - what an amazingly improvement. Then they took down the upper cabinets to left of fridge. It was quite the challenge. Who knows when they were installed - a very long time ago and they were all nailed in. However, my guys don't give up and they got it down - all in one piece and the wall pretty much in one piece. Life is good. They mowed both houses - I'm a very happy girl.

I'm going to see if I can download more pictures from May. I ran amuck on my last post.

Ray's favorite tools he couldn't live without

Cabinets had no intention of coming down - ever
Hmmm, what to do? Why won't they come down?

Figured it out and down it comes

Seriously, WHAT a difference!

The space is all open - looks twice the size

Next challenge: cabinets to left of window

It's down. Let the clean up begin.

Ray thinks 109 years of gunk