Sunday, May 4, 2014


Actually started with Friday. Ray has a new toy. A new zero turn lawn mower. He was zooming all over the place and it still took him an hour to mow. I managed not to crash it too so it was a good day. 
Saturday morning we were at the house early and stayed late. I had almost 18,000 steps on my Noom walk. I think Ray had 13,000 but he was up on a ladder for a lot of the day or hauling debris the dump - 4 times. We pulled weeds, burned weeds, trimmed trees and shrubs. Broke the pole saw once. Lost the chain somewhere between houses; had to re-step steps but he found it. Seriously, he is amazing. Several neighbors and friends came over visit and say hello. Gave two tours. It was a great day. A great, exhausting day. I had to re-coop today now I'm ready for another big day tomorrow. 

I have to do better with before and afters. This is before and now pretty much weed free

Ray pruning suckers off tree out front. He could reach all but one.

Before, ready to have Ray move it, HA, you can't tell but it's a big tree.
Ready to take down the TV satellite too. 

After, I LOVE this! This I can live with. 
Just need to add some more azaleas around the tree. 

Putting out new flag
Ray added a spot light too for the flag so it will stay up 24/7.
Can't wait to have Steve fix the sidewalk (I hope) and put in brick steps.