Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Foundation repair

With a 109 year old house there are some big issues to tackle and the foundation is one of them. We got an estimate from some good old boys in town, tried to get more but a couple guys never showed up. Then I got on the computer and house a highly rated company out of Memphis. The difference is night and day and the price point is just about the same. We are now scheduled to get the house jacked up so to speak in June. I'm so pleased that is scheduled. Now I need to get the plumber and the electrician out there and we'll be ready to rock and roll. Oh the surveyor too - need to get started on the fence.

I just can't wait to tackle this area. I'm in move mode at the moment and eager to get into garden mode. I might just clean it up and mulch it for the time being. I'm not certain how much sun it's going to get with that magnolia there. On the garage Ray is going to build a trellis and he want to doctor up the doors a bit. We saw this at HD for a quick fix.

Has anyone used these on your garage doors?
I need a nap. Didn't get my 12,000 steps in today.