Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Days are here again!!! We got keys last night!

It has been a very exciting couple days. Last night we unexpectedly got the keys to the house, the previous owner moved out early, YEAH! AND she had the lawn mowed for us, YEAH! YEAH!

Our sweetheart real estate agent, Connie Lindemann, had the sweetest gift waiting for us when we arrived. It was just a great night. The house, our new home, just feels SO right! We walked around, room to room, making our plans, changing our plans, anyone who knows me well knows I went around opening all the blinds so it was full of light this morning when we walked in. I love window treatments but I want them all open.

I was so wound up last night I hardly slept a wink, literally. We were up fairly early loading up the truck. It was a very Beverly Hillbillies moment - four of them actually. We need a bigger truck. Still it all worked. We left our movers at home to hold down the fort.

We only went to Home Depot once today which is just odd. Normally on days like today it's at least a HD and Lowes trip. Very thankful for a quick Sonic breakfast. Back and forth between the houses several times. Got everything unloaded and put up. You just can't understand how much we are appreciating having a garage again. It just makes me smile to pull into that garage.

Ray is a GRUMPY bear after working all day. After our three trips this morning we came home and pulled weeds - Creeping Charlie. He sucks, I'm just sayin. I had to get cleaned up for a neighbor's daughter's baby shower - he didn't recognize me with hair, makeup, and real clothes on. How sad is that? Tshirt and tennis skirt is my uniform.

Ray and I took the dogs to Haven House this evening to introduce them to their new home, and drop off our 4th load. They were very eager to check things out. There are squirrels and cats just everywhere. Oscar might have the big one. Just not certain he can handle all this excitement!

This is the delightful gifts Connie left for us last night!

Hillbilly Central - trip one

Still haven't figured out how Connie did these pictures of the house. So far she hasn't shared. 
Not to worry I'll wear her down. 
 I added the ferns. Need to find some Kelli approved hanging baskets. 
 2nd load.
 Our movers. Just SO much help!
I didn't take a picture of the third and forth trip. It's been a very productive day. 

So, not certain where to start. There is A LOT to do. The kitchen is just killing me. The heart of the house needs a new heart. There are so many big projects to do that have to be done. Foundation, plumbing, tons of mortar work, electricity. The kitchen has to be done but can I live with it for a year? I thought yes and after being over there and opening all the drawers I'm thinking absoluting no way. 

 How appropriate is a garden spade for a door knocker for me? 
 This is a table our dear Linda gave me years ago. 
It's been all over with us and now it graces our front door. 
This are pictures of what we are calling the bar in the family room. We are removing the uppers and having new ones made that go to the ceiling. The below pic - replacing standard sink with bar/prep sink, faucet too, light that you can't see. Sink cabinet will most likely need to be replaced. We are going to make the L shape bar to a U shape and it's going to be tight but it should work. Need to get it on paper.
That's all for now. I easily had over 10,000 steps today. Wahoo! I have more pictures. Somewhere...