Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We did it

We closed on our new 109 year old house yesterday. Our lovely old home on two acres right in the middle of downtown. It was very exciting. I was scattered all day with excitement. Can't tell you how many times I lost my keys...Did survive the excitement. Went through the walkthrough in the morning. We hadn't been in the house in over a month so I was eager to get in there. It was as wonderful as I remembered, well wonderful and horrible all at once. There is MUCH to do. I think it's safe there's not one thing that doesn't need to be fixed or painted or just completely demoed. There is wallpaper everywhere and there are no words to describe just how bad it is. As my dear friend Lizette pointed out: at least it's not on the ceiling too. I've seen that in the NE, it was frightening. We have a bet going on how many layers we have to take down and just how long it takes us to get it down. I believe there is a wallpaper steamer in my future.

Funny thing is, I'm not feeling any remorse, very eager to get in there and plan, plan, plan and then to demo, demo, demo. I think it's safe to say Ray is just a tad concerned about the yard work and I'm all excited about it. I've been planning and doing research for this project for months so when Ray sent up an excel file for me to list to dos by room I flew through it. I have a 30 page powerpoint file that has been my source of every thought so I wouldn't forget anything. Between Pinterest and Houzz we are ready to go! 

With our Colleyville house, which was a delightful Southern Living Idea House plan, planning the beach house, and the inside and outside renovation of this house, we have discovered we love to renovate and planning every little detail. We seek good functional and practical design and with those words, as long as it's practical and functional, I get the nod from Ray. 

Our New Old House - Haven House

Always wanted a porch swing.
Never imagined we would have a porch let
alone a wrap around porch. 

Our lovely view from the front porch

So eager to drive in and stay. We will start moving in on Monday. Thrilled and delighted!

Have you ever seen anything so charming...