Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Projects

Good Morning, here's our schedule for our next projects.

Ray's bar. We need to get it done so we can move on to our mini-kitchen remodel. In the mist of that we need to finish the powder room, waiting on the plumber, and then moving on to our master bath and closet. One thing I've noticed with all of our contractors, they do not bill promptly and by the time they do they don't remember exactly what they did. Lots of room for errors with billing like that.

Ray's bar. It's a great space. We're going to have cabinet maker do the L and the front of the bar they guys are going to do. We have A LOT of true 2x4 cypress that we took down turning the demo that of course we kept. Ray is planning on using it and it will hopefully look something like this:

        VERY rustic is the theme. 

The guys are very excited about the top. Between Cody and Rocky we have lots of beer caps and this is what they are going to be used for:
bar top.JPG

I doodled the general layout. We're literally going bar hopping today to measure the overhang. We want to make certain our big and tall guys have plenty of leg room. We think a 15" overhang will be plenty. Frankly I'm hoping 12" will be plenty. We had thought 24" for the total bar (the front piece and including the cabinet behind it) would work but now it's looking more like 30".

Overview of the bar. 
The wall on the right in front of the fridge is going to have a recessed TV since it would be WRONG to turn the bar stools around to see the huge tv. 
Also the bartender needs to be able to see what's going on. 
Ray is really having fun with this. 

Back wall

This is going to be a great space. Will have a 24" cooktop, either 18" or 24" dishwasher, whichever fits the best, ice maker, sink, fridge, and loads of storage. The house is on pier and beam and that is amazingly handy. Moving the plumbing around isn't quite the issue that it is in a slab. That is a wonderful thing!

This is the faucet Ray picked out.

Kohler K-99268The fridge we picked out is great for this space. I think the best description would be and apartment fridge. It's 5.5' tall and I think 24" square. Half is fridge and the other half freezer. Most importantly is truly counter depth. 

Blomberg BRFB1042X 10.6 cu. ft. Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 2 Adjustable Shelves, 3 Freezer Drawers, Dual Evaporators and White LED Lighting:  
It's COLD here!! Hope it's nicer where you are.