Friday, February 12, 2016

Craigslist Scores & Delightful Antiquing

Most of you know we just scored BIG on Craigslist. The big one is for Bess for when we entertain and certainly for the wedding.

I think this one will go in the front on the hickory tree, haven't named that one yet, which will be in the ceremony area and reception area. Might even put it in the front room. I love wrought iron.

So even before we bought the house I found this. Ended up using it in the guest bathroom. We are very pleased with how it turned out. Found a large slab of marble in Memphis. That makes me happy.

Hands down and the vast majority of these treasures came from 49 South. I check in with them frequently. Never know what they have that we might NEED. 

This hall tree came from Hardy. There is a jewel of an antique dealer there. I buzzed up to see it and they delivered it that afternoon. Very good service. 

 I found this rocker and the round table and yes, that's real marble, YIPPEE, for a SONG! It was like they gave it to me. In all fairness, they didn't know it was real marble. I didn't either until the guys at 49 South turned the top over. Then we knew. Exciting.

This little sewing chest is going to be our powder room's vanity. That should be done sooner than later. 

Found this little lowboy at 49 South too. I found a perfect spot for it. 

  I remember my grandma in Georgia had a sofa on her front porch. Left a memory. 

 Found this bachelor chest and thought it was perfect to go in the ladies bathroom. 
Very pleased. 
Also, until we get the master bath done, I've been using this bathroom and this chest hold a lot of girlie stuff. 

 49 South put this on their FB page. I went to check it out. I knew it would be perfect but since I already had a table in this spot I thought I would procrastinate a while. 
Was still available a few weeks later and it followed me home. 
We're thinking this is a perfect spot for the wedding cake. 
I know it's a perfect spot for a glass of sweet tea or perhaps a Mexican martini. 

Was so excited to find this. Wasn't exactly certain what we were going to do with it and found the perfect spot AND the perfect task for it. 
It's ideal for feeding the 4 legged children. Holds all their treats and it's off the beaten path. 

Three postings in one day. It's a record. 
Stay warm this weekend. It's going to be chilly and nasty here.