Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's like I'm living in the DARK ages!

Hello all, so I'm just working on the blog, full of info. Have been working on it for HOURS. 

Unlike all the other lovely Google apps 
DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY SAVE!!! Image result for gasp smiley

Won't be as chatty, quit smiling.

We were going to do bar then master bath. Plumber reminded me must finish above before we do below. So now focusing on master bath.

Have the tile picked out. It's Marmol Polished Venatino Mediterranea. Going to do the floor in a basket weave pattern and the shower will be the 18" square. So pleased with this tile. Once that got settled I headed over to the granite yard and picked out the countertop. Was trying to find some remants. Nothing that I liked. Then headed inside and was looking at some Cambria and one jumped out at me. Praa Sands. Seriously LOVE it.


Once this got taken care of  I headed over to the glass shop for the shower door/wall. Since there is going to be a steamer I wanted to ensure the steam won't escape. This is the plan. 

I've talked to our glass guy and he's certain he can deliver this. Will do in chrome and I'll be very happy when it gets installed. We picked out the shower faucets ages ago. Went with Brizo Charlotte. The sink faucets will be this: 
I really want a single hole. The sink will be a medium size - 19" wide going in a 22" cabinet. We like the porcelain levers. I really wanted cross handles but at our advanced age, Image result for frustrated smiley face, levers are more practical, seriously. 

Our heated towel rack is getting an upgrade. We put one in at Covey and used it all the time. Mostly for drying clothes and it's been missed. Haven't ordered it yet but I'm about certain this is the one: 

Myson EECOSH126 CLASSIC COMFORT Hardwired Mounted Towel Warmer - 25"w x 54"h -
It's the Myson 25"x54" and 400 watt. Almost quadruple the heat of our other one. This one will keep us toasty in the winter and dry clothes in no time at all. 

Here is a rough diagram of the back wall: 

One thing that I wish I could have a do over is the window. Really wish I had stuck with my original plan which was a window over the middle vanity. I do like the window but it's really low - so low the mirrors over sinks will literally have to be hung a little over them.

I'm certain I'm forgetting something.....anyway you look at it I'm so delighted to get this done.