Friday, February 12, 2016

2015 - What a year!

Happy New Year everyone. I have most of our Christmas put up. We still have the garland that I made from hollies and boxwoods from the yard up. I need to have the one by the cellar up so if the lights go off we know the sump pump isn't working in the cellar and we need to go and check out the breaker. That is my life.

2015 was a great year. We are all now living at Haven. Very exciting. We have so much more space, of course it's full of things we won't get rid of, because, you know we might need it. During all the demo we saved all the doors, all the true cypress 2x4s, most all the baseboards. We desperately needed someplace other than the attic and garage to store all this stuff: had the barn put in this summer. It's great. Going to have at least a powder room more possibility a 3/4 - so shower, sink, and toilet. Excellent place for the guys and anybody wet from the pool.

About the same time we put in the barn we finally moved the fence off the immediate pool area and spread it around. Reused the beautiful old rod iron fence and added some just barn fencing around the rest of the property. You know how people say you need to live at the house for at least six months before you start making big changes? I have found over the years that couldn't be more true. Last spring Cody and I were out walking around with the dogs and they loved playing ALL OVER THE place, not just right behind the house so we moved the fence line over at least 30 additional feet. It just feels and looks exactly like we wanted it. I can safely say the dogs love it. The fence line isn't too far off the sidewalk and they have made very many buddies.

Inside we got all the demo done. One thing that completely thrilled me was finally getting rid of the dumpster. As happy as we were to get it I was delighted to get it gone. Was sort of funny. I canceled pickup 3 or 4 times - I was scared to death to get rid of it. We have creatively survived it being gone.

We are delighted with all the windows we had installed. The one window I don't know if I would do again is the master bath window. Since we don't have that space done it, it's hard to say but I think it's going to be very hard to work around.

I just looked back at my pictures for the last year and it's mind boggling what all we've gotten done the last year.