Friday, February 12, 2016

Barn & Fence

We did get the barn installed last year and the fence moved around. We are delighted with both. Ray and Cody have been very busy organizing the barn. It was very chaotic. It's getting better all the time. We're seeing light in the end of the tunnel in the garage too. All very exciting. 
 Just the beginning. It's 24x30. Seems huge until we moved all our stuff in there....
If you look very close you will see hubby up top trimming tree limbs. 

The finished the barn, YAY!!!

Then the guys took out MANY Privets, 
which in my opinion should NEVER be sold, rooted, moved, or planted, NEVER. 

Many privets GONE many more to go....

New fence - delighted!
 This is the fence that was around the pool
 New brick pillars and new wrought iron fencing
 We are SO pleased with the barn, fence, and thrilled to have a sprinkler system now too. 

The tree next to the barn is Bess. 
I called it Big Daddy, but Ray has claimed that nick name, I know, I'm laughing too.

With the fence going down a slope we got creative. We had this very heavy hose. 
Cody cut pieces to the correct length to extend the fence. Very clever. 
No issues and it looks like it's all one piece. 

So eager for SPRING!!!! Cody put in beds on either side of the pillars. It's going to be SO lovely.